• TIMMUR: stories and flavours from nepal

TIMMUR: stories and flavours from nepal

From Back Cover:

Like the depth and breadth of timur's taste and use, Nepal's food culture is deeply complex and diverse. Its richness feflects the country's ethinic and cultural diversity, its varied topography, and its cross-border influences. Unfortunately, Nepali cuisine is often narrowly defined both outside the country and inside, failing to capture the unique culinary heritage of a myriad of ethnicities that call this country home. 

This books attempts to introduce, celebrate, and promote the cuisines of various regions and cultures of Nepal. Within these pages are stories and histories of more than a hundred different recipes from across Nepal, including those the author grew up with.

यस पुस्तकमा नेपालमा चलनमा रहेका र देश बिदेश सम्मपनि प्रचार गर्न मिल्ने र सबैले रुचाउने रैथाने रेसिपीहरुको ऐतिहासिक महत्व देखि स्वादको महिमा र पाक कलाको बारेमा वर्णन गरिएको छ।