• The Nearest Exit

The Nearest Exit

The first rule of Tourism is not to let it ruin you. Because it can. Easily.The Department of Tourism is an ultra-secret black-ops branch rumoured to carry out the CIA’s dirtiest and deadliest work. Most agents don’t even believe it exists.Milo Weaver knows otherwise. Trained to kill cleanly and keep moving, he is a Tourist that understands the rules. Don’t ask questions. Don’t form attachments. Don’t look back.But Milo is the only Tourist with a daughter. When he is told to assassinate a teenage girl, his committment to the cause starts to crumble – and for the first time, he disobeys his orders.The consequences pull him down into a complex world of clandestine government warfare, but Milo’s own battle is with his conscience. When a security breach threatens the very existence of Tourism, will he choose to save his job, his family or himself?